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These are books that I have read over the years about food, cooking, and related topics. Many of them have informed my decisions to eat the way that I do.

The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan
This one was of the first books about food that I ever read. I was hooked and it got me reading a bunch more books about food.
Food Rules by Michael Pollan
This book is full of good advice and is tiny. I read it in under and hour!
Cooked by Michael Pollan
This book is fascinating. It is an in depth look at the different way we cook food and the evolution of cooking through the years. Netflix came out with a four part companion documentary series that is also fantastic. Definitely worth reading!
In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan
Another great book by Michael Pollan. He hasn’t disappointed me yet! This book also has a companion documentary that is very interesting.
Consider the Fork by Bee Wilson
Another fun book that delves into the history of how we cook and eat as a species. I loved it!
First Bite How We Learn To Eat By Bee Wilson
Now that I have a baby, I was definitely interested in reading this book about how we learn to eat as humans. This book is full of fascinating information.
Eating on the Wild Side The Missing Guide to Optimum Health by Jo Robinson
This is a fascinating book about fruits and vegetables, there history, and how to prepare them to optimize their nutritional value. I liked this book so much, I plan to reread it and use it as a reference book.
Whole Rethinking the Science of Nutrition by T. Colin Campbell Phd
This book is written by the same author who helped write the famous China Study book. His work has been influential for me in deciding to eat a mostly plant based diet. It is well written and definitely worth reading!
Bet the Farm How Food Stopped Being Food by Frederick Kaufman
This book is more about the business and political side of the food industry. I still found it interesting. Books like this help me decide how to vote with my dollars and try to support local farmers as much as I can.
Proteinaholic How Our Obsession with Meat is Killing Us and What We Can Do About It by Garth Davis, M.D.
After flirting the idea of going vegetarian for years, this is the book that finally convinced me to go for it. I have never looked back or felt healthier!
Got Milked? The Great Dairy Deception and Why You'll Thrive Without Milk by Alissa Hamilton
Another book that I picked up by chance. It is both about nutrition and political issues. As someone who doesn’t like cows milk, this was a reassuring read that it is still possible for me to get enough calcium.

People who love to eat are always the best people. ~ Julia Child